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How about those Giants?

This past week started with a weekend that was better to forget.   Jordan started Friday morning with Diarrhea and fevers and by Saturday morning 4 a.m. it hit me!   Couldn’t move out of bed for 2 days.   Sue Hahn kept bringing us water.   The best part is the electricity went off at 5 a.m. and never came back and so we had fevers and it was 102 in my bedroom and no fan!   Talk about miserable! By Sunday morning it hit Sue and so we were all on our own! Major’s wife, Patience, volunteered to feed Rick and Chuck for lunch and dinner and by Sunday afternoon Chuck got it, luckily not as bad.   Monday I was able to get out of bed but so weak and still diarrhea so didn’t make it to work. By now Dr. Kellert had a headache and was also not feeling well!   Jordan, Sue and I sat in my living room draped on couches and chairs groaning.   We kept Rick amused sending him to the hospital for Depends for all of us!   We still couldn’t think of food and still no electricity since Saturday morni

Week 2 back and very busy!

Two weeks back and life continues to be busy.   Summer is here and we are struggling to “keep cool” in 105+ degree weather.   Some nights when we are eating dinner and it is dark it is still 93 degrees!   October is called suicide month here and we understand why!   It is hard to sleep and hard to work! Rick and Sue have been busy unpacking the container.  We are very anxious to get to all the medical equipment.  I came home on Monday evening and found new furniture and a carpet that my forwarding agents had picked out for me to buy.  It is a beautiful and comfortable leather set and we are all are enjoying it! We got our first rain of the season on Saturday the   13 th of October.   It started to rain just as soon as we put the meat on the braii (BBQ) for dinner!   We kept cooking and enjoyed the cool drops.   By the time we got inside the hard rain hit and we ended up getting 11mls of rain in about 3 hours.   Of course one of the problems of the rainy season is that storms

Back home again in Zimbabwe (via Cape Town)

On September 22 nd I left for home.   My ticket ride included a limo ride from my home to the airport and on the way the limo driver and I talked about our lives and what we did.   When I got to the airport he helped me to get my entire luggage (3 biggggg bags and 2 hand luggage) on a cart and when I went to give him a tip he gave me a $20 tip!   He said he was so impressed by what I did he wanted to thank me!   Wow what an unexpected blessing! I arrived in Dubai at 7:30 p.m. on Sunday night local time and was picked up and sent to a beautiful hotel near the airport which included a wonderful dinner (choice of 8 restaurants) and breakfast (my last chance to eat Humus-yum!).   I was able to sleep well after sleeping a lot on the 15 ½ hour flight to there.   Then at 9 a.m. the next morning I was on my way to Harare. I arrived at 5:20 p.m. local time and walked right through with my entire luggage (with myself having to lift them on to the luggage cart) out to waiting Dr. Keller