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Busy, busy, busy

Dr. Zimudzi and Mrs. Mereki with Dr. Kajese behind at going away lunch Dr. Zimudzi and Mr. Mereki Dr. Zimudzi, Mr. and Mrs. Mereki Foundation for addition to Pediatric Unit Morning devotions at outpatients This has been a very busy past 2 weeks. I am sitting here in the dark writing this, as ZESA just went out! It was on from 10:30 p.m. last night (Friday) until 6 p.m. tonight so can’t complain too much. Last week everything seemed to go wrong! Monday was in Harare on Monday to get car parts for 2 of our vehicles that were down. One of our doctors was on off days with one of our working cars and my vehicle was the only one working—so off he went to get parts in Harare. Left at 4 a.m. and back at 11 p.m. He got the parts and then we left at 4 a.m. again for Harare to interview a new doctor for Chidamoyo. I drove so Major could rest. We did the interview and hired a new doctor—Andrew Kabanje who will join us mid-Sept or so. Major then went off to sort out more things and buy for the h