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Easter Weekend 2010

APRIL 1st Well April 1st is like a national holiday in Zimbabwe and especially at Chidamoyo, people can’t seem to wait to start “fooling” each other! Of course I enjoy getting into the mood of the day and first thing in the morning I had my guards going to Major’s house saying they were needed there. When the guards went one said “I am not sure if sister said I should see you or she needed to see you” so Major decided since he didn’t need him I must need him and went off to get dressed. Then his wife reminded him it was April 1st! Then I sent one of my visitors to Major’s house who by this time had over 10 people sent to his house and they figured out he had been fooled! On my way to the hospital I stopped next store and got Lori out of bed saying “C/Section—get dressed I am waiting.” She got in the car and a drove her about 10 feet and asked her what day it was and she said April 1st and I said “you are a fool!” She was not happy I woke her up for that!! Then I got to the hospital and

More photos of the new matresses


The Matresses have arrived!

THE MATRESSES HAVE ARRIVED! Because of the generosity of many people we were able to buy new mattresses for all of in-patient beds. Many of you gave gifts at Christmas to us for this purpose! We found a man in Harare who made them for $50 each and through a generous man in Harare (his home is Chidamoyo) he arranged for the mattresses to be made and sent by truck to us in Karoi. We were able to pick them all up in 2 loads! The patients are very happy and enjoying a more restful night because of you! Thank you to all!