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No answers yet!

Wow this has been a busy week and we are getting closer to answers about my fevers. Tuesday I had a urethra dilation because of complications from my cancer radiation 23 years ago. I spent the morning in a local hospital where I worked 23 years ago. My urologist told me" I have a urethra from hell." He spent over an hour on trying to find my bladder and then finally found it and put a foley catheter in which will stay for at least 3 weeks he said! I thought 3 days was enough--but I am getting used to it and the good thing is I can drink as much iced tea as I want and not have to go to the bathroom every hour! Ha! To sleep straight through the night is also a new experience! I went to see the infectious disease doctor this week and she thinks I have TB--not pulmonary--so I am not contagious--but somewhere in my body. So more tests were run and I am going for a CT scan tomorrow which they will compare to the one done in April in Zimbabwe to see if there are still lymph nodes