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Happy February!

It has been a busy time here at Chidamoyo.  Work at the hospital always keeps us busy and work at home with little electricity also keeps us busy.  My main occupation is moving food items from freezer to freezer to keep them cold and frozen when our electricity goes out for days at a time!  It is always exciting to be cooking a meal and the electricty goes off so you switch everything to the gas stove and 15 minutes later the electricity comes back on and do you go back to the electric stove to save on your gas or just continue? These are some of life's big questions we face each day! We had 2 medical students from Ohio State University who joined us on the 13th of January for 2 weeks.  John and JP (also Jon) are 4th year students ready to go on to residency programs in July.  We had a great time with them and enjoyed their enthusiasm and sense of adventure. We sent them to Batanai one Saturday to work weeding in my maize field with the youth group!  They were aching from that f