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Covid Lockdown--Zimbabwe style, Two new vehicles and Happy Birthday Major

Not much to write about during these days of stay at home.   No traveling, no direct patient care, and best of all no suspected cases of Cornavirus here! I usually come to the hospital Monday-Friday 0700-1200  to do office work and Internet and go home after tea. Like many of you I have been spending a lot of time sorting, cleaning closets and drawers and getting rid of things I do not use!   Major loves to hoard so I dump it all on him!   I have almost finished all my closets and drawers and feel better about no clutter!  Major says if this stay at home order lasts for too long I might not have anything left in my house! We continue to see patients at the hospital.   We let 3 in at a time through our fence and we have our OPD outside with our staff in PPE. There are now officially 46 cases positive cases in Zimbabwe, 4 deaths, 18 recovered and 24 active cases out of 28,019 tested. ( There have been 5 cases and 1 death in our Province and none