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Happy June--Major coming to US!

More visitors have arrived recently—all have Zimbabwe roots, and they have been here visiting for a time. Janelle Frayne, is a nursing student from Boise, Idaho.   She was born in Zimbabwe and raised here until 2009 when she went to go to college at Boise Bible College in Idaho.   Her grandparents are Dale and Linda Marshall who lived at Chidamoyo Christian Hospital when the first arrived in Zimbabwe in 1964, and then had a ministry in Chinhoyi until 2009.   They are now retired and living in Boise.   Janelle is starting her junior year of college in Nursing and is here to get some experience as well as visit family and friends. Jesse Richardson, a friend of Janelle’s, also came to get some practical experience for her college degree in Occupational Therapy.   She graduates in December from Cape Town.    Her father and mother farmed in Karoi and lost their farm in the farm invasions.   They now rent property to farm in Karoi.   He has given us a ton of soybeans for years to he

More guests and more fun!

The weekend May 17-20 we had another group of Zimbabwe Christian College students out with us for their practical training in AIDS work and hospital chaplaincy.  We had 12 men and women who joined us for the weekend to learn and do some practicals with our patients at our hospital.  We are happy to have them and to meet our future ministers here in Zimbabwe. May 20th was Major's 49th birthday.  We celebrated with a dinner and for some reason he got a lot of coke for his birthday!  Not hard to figure out what to buy him for a gift! On May 24th a team of 8 people arrived from Countryside Christian Church.  The team was lead by Phil Smith, their Missions minister.  Phil and his family had served for many years as missionaries in South Africa and had been here to Chidamoyo in 2007.  We enjoyed having Beth, Jen, Mike, Theresa, Sandy, Tanisha and Phil and his son Josh with us. Their plane got delayed in the US because of mechanical difficulties but they arrived late on the 24th , but