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Summer is on the way!

Major and Michael staking out the house Measuring the house Major and his cousin Reggie marking the outdoor dining room World Vision and team from Bristol,UK with our 2 doctors Last week started with visits from church members from Bristol, England who came out with a World Vision team to see some of the projects they have supported in our district. They worshipped with us at church on Sunday and then I cooked lunch for 20 people. World Visions helps us with drugs and equipment for the hospital and so we have been happy to be working with them. We enjoyed having them out for a few hours of fellowship and meeting new friends. Wednesday I spent in Harare for a patient conference that concerns an MDR-TB patient that we have in our treatment here at Chidamoyo. MDR which stands for Multi Drug Resistant is a growing problem in Zimbabwe. There are 25 known patients in Zimbabwe. This is a difficult disease to treat and needs special medicine provided on

Adventures of the week

Crocs they shot in the river that attacked our man we worked on Kariba sunset Michael and Carolyn Mereki Major and family on safari in Kariba Mereki family and Kathy at Kariba Our Peanut Butter thieve! 3 lions looking at us! This week we had a 4 day weekend with Monday and Tuesday being Heroes Day and Defense Forces Day. I went with major and his wife Patience and their 2 kids, Michael 18 and Carolyn 14 to a safari camp on an island on Lake Kariba in Mutasadona National Park. We left at 5:30 a.m. on Saturday morning and after getting a bit lost we made it there in about 8 hours. It was dirt road and some 4-wheel drive parts to it. When we got lost (we drove by the turnoff) we actually drove through a river bed and Patience yelled “lion!” and there was a big female standing up on a ridge near us. We looked around and saw a male and one more female. We continued on and came back the same way when we decided we had missed our turn and s