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Crickets, wedding and students,watch out for cows!

When I went to the US I got a new smart phone.   At first I was thinking it was the smarter one of the two of us!   I decided to put my message to notify me of new messages on a cricket sound.   The first day I kept checking my phone every few minutes when I heard the c cricket sound but no messages!   This went on for awhile until I finally figured out there are too many real crickets at the hospital and so I was hearing real crickets not a message coming through!   I quickly changed to another sound! This past weekend Major and I traveled to Gweru (in the middle of the country—about 6 hours from here) for the wedding of Sylvia’s nephew.   We left Friday at 4 a.m. from the mission to get to the dentist at 9 a.m. in Harare for a dentist appointment.   Then we met up with Gladys and we had Cheryl with us and we took off for Gweru.   We met Ben Pennington in Gweru that evening and he took Cheryl and Gladys on to Harare while Major and I met up with Zebedee Togarepi and spent the n