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On the road again...

On the 19th of October we flew from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Indianapolis, Indiana.  We arrived and picked up our rental car and drove to Mooresville, Indiana where we met our friends Carolyn DeLauighter and Marylee Fletchner who had driven down from Crown Point to see us.  We met at Mt. Giliad Christian Church and met up with Dave Thurman, one of the ministers there who comes to Zimbabwe frequently with teams to visit the Chiredzi orphanage.  They have stayed several times in my flat in Harare as they come and go--so it was nice to see him. Marylee served at Chidamoyo from 1977-79 and helped at the hospital and taught the missionary kids. Carolyn and her husband Bill were our nearest missionaries in Karoi for many years when we had no phone or electricity.  We stayed many times with them.  Bill recently died in March and we were anxious to see Carolyn before she left for 3 months with her son Billy and family in Tanzania and 3 months with her son David and family in India.  We

More traveling--from California to New Mexico to Colorado

We flew on the 5th of October to Long Beach to spend several days with our Ma and Pa Minnis.  They were my forwarding agents for a time and have been to Chidamoyo 5 times over the years we have known them.  They are now retired and living with their daughter Laura and family in Los Alamitos. During our time there we went to the Long Beach Aquarium and enjoyed seeing all of the sights with their granddaughter, Laurenrachel. We also drove to San Diego and visited with another Chidamoyo alumni, Dr. Lisa Fitzpatrick from Washington, D.C.  She was in San Diego for an Infectious Disease Convention.  She lived in my flat for 6 months one time in Harare and we all meet there.  Ma and Pa really wanted to see her, so we were happy to drive the 2 hours and spend the afternoon with her. On the 11th of October we spoke in Lemon Grove Christian Church and enjoyed services and lunch with them.  They have supported our work for about 17 years and we were happy to be with them to thank them for

Vote for the best hat for Major

We sent to Disneyland this week in California and Major tried on several hats--vote for the best hat for him! WHAT DO YOU THINK?

Birthday celebrations, Giants game

We flew home to Santa Rosa on the 24th of September and on the 25th it was my 61st birthday!  We had lunch at Rotary Club in Sebastopol to thank them for all their support. That night we had a family dinner with 13 of my relatives at a wonderful steak restaurant in Santa Rosa.  We went for cake and presents at my brother Dennis and sister-in-law Kathy's house where Major is staying. Saturday Major spoke at a men's breakfast at Sebastopol Christian Church, my home church.  We then spoke together for church services on Saturday night and 2 services on Sunday.  After church my forwarding agents, took Major and me out to lunch to again celebrate my birthday.  I had a lovely shrimp dinner to celebrate! Monday Sylvia and Major and I drove to Reno with my brother Dennis and sister-in-law Kathy to visit my brother-in-law Mike who lives in Reno, Nevada.  I had not seen him since my sister Carol died in 2012.  It was a sad reunion but also lots of laughs and good memories.  We sp