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  For my birthday, this year I went with Major and Patience back to Rhino Camp for 3 nights of enjoying animals.   Major and Patience tried to fish but did not get much luck after promising bream to eat for my birthday.  Major caught a large Vundu but it is on the endangered list so he had to throw it back!  He was so disappointed. We enjoyed our time away and it was relaxing and incredibly beautiful.   They cooked me fish for one  dinner since Major did not catch one and a birthday cake!   Nice way to celebrate #66! We came back on Monday evening and by Thursday we were on our way to Harare as my stomach pain was getting no better.   I was referred to a new GI doctor who felt I was probably resistant to the antibiotics for H. Pyloria I was taking.   He changed drugs and I will take them for 2 weeks and see him after 4 weeks.   If I get worse, I may need another endoscopy to see if my ulcer is better and more biopsies.   So far not much change in 10 days.   We are praying for the b