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Drought continues, trip to Zambia, New Mattresses, Elliot's birthday, Research team here

It has been a busy month with visitors, lots of activities and no rain!   We are in the midst of a drought that is affecting most of southern Africa.   So on top of all the problems with the economy and shortage of money, inflation and loss of value of the local currency, we are now facing drought and lack of food and it is more than another year until a harvest!   Life is about to get a lot harder for all in Zimbabwe.   It was in the newspaper this week that most suburbs will only get water for 2 days a week starting now to ration the water.   No rain expected until November or later the end of this year—so that’s a long time to ration.   My house is Harare has a borehole but the water table will go down a lot! On the 21 st of February we went to a clinic 2 hours from here to add more children into our research study.   I took my 3 visitors and our research assistant and we drew the 43 kids.   Most are not doing so well so we hope to get them on better drugs so they can do bett