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Memorial to Dale Marshall

DALE MARSHALL 13 October, 1936  to 6 June, 2014 It was with great sadness that we receive recent news of the death of Dale Marshall in Boise, Idaho.  Dale was a missionary from 1966-2009 in Zimbabwe, Africa.  Dale and his wife Linda and 3 children came to Rhodesia by ship in 1966 and first settled at Chidamoyo.  He worked with his classmates from Bible College, Ziden and Helen Nutt and his first job was helping to build Chidamoyo Christian Hospital.  He built the old chapel building, which we remodeled and expanded in 2005.  After 6 months at Chidamoyo they moved to Chinhoyi to begin a work with African evangelists that covered from the northern most area of Zimbabwe into Mozambique and down into Gokwe district south of Chinhoyi and then west all the way to the Zambia boarder in the town of Kariba. He was joined in the work in Chinhoyi by the Ivan Martin family and the Ziden Nutt family moved to Chinhoyi later.  In 1976 the Nutt family moved back to the US due to their daugh

Off to theater we go!

On midnight of the 1st of June, Dr. James Palleschi and his medical assistant, Victoria arrived from California to help us for 2 weeks.  Dr. Palleschi is a urologist and this is his 3rd trip here to do surgeries for us.  We had a busy 2 weeks planned for him. We kept him busy doing hernia and hydrocele repairs and 2 prostetectomies.  This is always a big help to us as we have to refer most of these patients away and it is difficult for them to come up with the money they need for the repairs.  As usual he brought us a lot of supplies and medicine which helped us to better take care of these patients. On Thursday the 5th of June, Dr. Shield Kajese and his wife No came to help do anesthesia and No to be our scrub nurse.  Dr. Kajese left us in January to move to Harare to do a 4 year residency in Anesthesia.  It was great having him back and also for him to teach us some new tricks he has learned.  They stayed with us through the 11th of June.  Dr. Palleschi really enjoyed working w