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Happy 2018 and lots of visitors!

We had a great Christmas.  It was a 5-day holiday here from the 22 nd through the 26 th .  I was on call for anesthesia and only got called out 3 times and all during the day for C/Sections so I was happy! On the 27 th we had a one night visit from the Steven Marshall and family from Harare.  Steven is a missionary kid of the late Dale Marshall and Mrs. Linda Marshall who now lives in Boise, ID.  We enjoyed seeing their 2 older sons who live in the US and their daughter Lauren.  Sloan brought his girlfriend Mackenzie from the US to see his home.  They were on their way to Kariba, so it was great to host them for one night. On the 28 th Chie and River from Seattle, WA came to be with us.  Chie works at Drip Assist a company in Seattle that has developed an IV infusion device.  We use it at our hospital to help us control the rate of IV infusions and we met with the staff of the company when we were in Seattle in September.  They bid on a trip to Chidamoyo at our auction and won