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November is a month for Thanksgiving

November is a month that our minds travel to the things we are thankful for and there are many things here that we are truly thankful for. We are thankful for Dr. Bill Holloman and his wife Kayleen who have been with us for the last 3 weeks.  He has stepped in and helped us so much at the hospital.  Even though everything is very different here (our charting, our limited drugs and no CAT scans or MRI's to order) he has helped with a smile and and has been encouragement to Dr. Isala who has been working on his own for 6 weeks before he came.  We are thankful for his sharing devotions and preaching on Sunday.  We are thankful his wife helped out in finding lost charts, going to vaccination clinic and teaching some health lessons.They are preparing to go home to Tucson, AZ in a few days and we will miss them being a part of our family around the dining table. We are thankful for Amy, our nurse from New Zealand who has been here for the past 2 months working in the hospital and o

Welcome Hot November

Today is another warm day--up to 100+ (we don't like to look at the thermometer it makes us feel hotter) and gets to high 70's or 80's at night.  We pray this is a great build up to a good rainy season which could start by mid-November. This has been C/Section week.  We have done 5 C/S in a week--all repeat and started this morning with another one!  A busy time for us as we have our regular work to do too! On Thursday (30th of October) we picked up new visitors--Dr. Bill and Kaylynn Holloman from Tuscon, AZ.  Bill is an internist and they are here to help with our work for 3 weeks.  It has been a big encouragement for  Dr. Isala who has been on his own for 6 weeks.  We put him to work making rounds and seeing outpatients.  Kayleen started doing some work to clean up our ART records--a big job that I have been working on slowly in my spare time.  We ended the day with a crash C/Section for a prolapsed arm and Bill scrubbed in.  First time for him to be back in an OR since