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On the 25th of August I went back to see the surgeon about my ulcers.  After 9 weeks of treatment for ulcers I wasn't getting any better and was tired of being sick!  He did a colonoscopy and another gastroscopy.  More biopsies taken and no malignancies but this time it showed massive amounts of h. Pyloria, and infection in my stomach common in developing countries, and causes ulcers, so I was on the wrong treatment for 9 weeks. I started on a 14 day treatment program of antibiotics on the 28th of August and it seems a bit better.  Hopefully this will put an end to the ulcers and erosion in my stomach.  I have good and bad days but am praying this will end it! On the 2nd of September, Patience and Major and I took off for a short vacation to celebrate their 28th wedding anniversary. We spent the night of the 2nd in Harare and were able to have dinner with Dr. Shield and Mrs. No Kajese and their daughters Zoey and Alexis.  We had a great visit and kept our social distancing!  We bro