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Happy February in Rainy Chidamoyo

This has been a busy week.   We said goodbye to Tim, Suzanne, Rob and Kelsy, 4th year medical students from Ohio State.   They left to go to the Falls for a couple of days and then left Zimbabwe Thursday for cold and snowy Ohio! Sunday, Scott Irwin, a UC Davis graduate and waiting to go to medical school, arrived.   He is very eager and we have been putting him to work.   He has gone out to a Well Baby and an ART clinic.   He has been busy following Dr. Kabanzi around and I put him to work putting a cast on and helping in our ART clinic research project.   We are happy with his attitude and willingness to jump right in.   He is doing well learning some Shona too!   He asked me when I felt the calling to be a nun, and I quickly told him I wasn't a nun, but that all nurses here are called Sister.   I told him actually I am Protestant and I am sure the Catholic church would have kicked me out being a nun with my big mouth! Friday we went to one of our outreach clinics for ART

Welcome to 2014

Sorry it has been so long I have written.  I just found one that I thought was published after Christmas and it was never published.  So here I am to catch you up. We brought in the New Year with a church service and prayer time before we set off our Chinese fire crackers.  We are never sure what they will do year to year as all the instructions are in Chinese!  These did shoot up into the air! We enjoyed good rain on NY Day and I spent the day taking my Christmas decorations down!  The next day we had to go back to the reality of work.  On the 3rd of January we lost one of our doctors, Dr. Shield Kajese who was notified at the last minute he was taken into a 4 years residency program for anesthesia.  He was with us 3 years as our Medical Superintendent.  We are so sad to seem him go but happy for his acceptance into training he wants to do.  His wife is staying with us as a nurse for now so we are happy he will still be around now and then. We quickly had to throw a going away pa