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Another container arrives!

Unpacking boxes All the boxes we need to go through! Thank You Medical Teams International and all our donors! Rehab Tech with some of his new equipment The container was full! The container arrives God is so good! This week a 40 foot container from Medical Teams International arrived at our door step! This container was packed with medical equipment and supplies that will be so beneficially for our hospital. Many of you donated money to cover the cost of $23,000 to buy the goods and ship them here. It was sent at the end of April and arrived here on the 19th of July! There is over $500,000 worth of goods in the container! We quickly had to unload the container as it had to go back with the truck that brought it. It took 2 hours and 10 people helping but we moved all the boxes into the chapel (where the peanuts had just vacated!) and all the boxes are now stacked up and ready to go through. As some things were unloaded we immediately sent them to the departments. Our Rehabilitation
Major leaving with family members Elephant going through trash cans where we were Ben cooking our steaks while hippo rests on our lawn! We found a croc resting in the sun on the shoreline Hippo walking Hippo Island off the shore of our house Ben and Karen Pennington in front of Kariba Dam Major left on the 2nd of July to fly to the US for 3 ½ weeks and he is on the run. Lori left on the 9th of July for a 6 months furlough and we are on the run without both of them. Maybe the run will make me lose more weight-ha! We were happy to hear that Jimmy and Bre’s wedding went well that he officiated at on July 10th and that Major is busy speaking to groups and organizations. We were so shocked to learn that as our alumni reunion braii was starting on Friday night (the 15th) at Cedar Ridge church in Renton, WA they received the sad news that the minister of that church, Darrell Duff died suddenly on the operating table during a minor knee surgery. What a shock it was to all the people there