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Happy Christmas and Boxing Day 2013

Today is Boxing Day here and a holiday and so thought I would share with you how our Christmas went.   Ours was blessed and hope the same for you. On Tuesday the 17 th of December we started our Christmas activities off with a movie that we put on for the whole community in the courtyard of the hospital.   We played “The Nativity” for over 200 people that came.   We played it under the stars and it almost seemed like we were there for the birth! The same day a group from Major’s church in Jinga came to present plates and cups they had bought for the hospital to help with the fire.   Our churches have been so supportive and encouraging to us. Also one of our staff members who is a volunteer Nurse Aide made some stirring spoons for making sadza, and gave them to the hospital. On Friday night they played another movie at the hospital but had to stop half way when the rain came thundering down!   Everyone was happy for the rain so no one complained!   Thirteen of us travelled