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The age of Covid-19

On the 23rd of March Zimbabwe was ordered into a 21-day lockdown and suddenly life changed for many people.  Unfortunately, many people took it as a holiday from work and started going to stores and friends and walking to "hang out."  The Army was sent into townships to enforce the order and many people were beat and sent home or arrested where they then were put in crowded jails with more people! Some people took the order seriously and at the hospital we had already started a screening process and letting 3 people in at a time to inside the gate. We have moved our OPD to our outside veranda and don't allow people to walk inside the hospital, but outside.  We have been having daily staff meetings, we are wearing our PPE and we have cut back on staff so less people will get exposed! We are running about 15 in-patients including Maternity and we are feeding caregivers so they are not in and out of the hospital.  We are also feeding staff on duty so they are not g