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Happy Easter and Merry Christmas in April

Easter was a busy weekend here for us.  On Friday, the start of Easter 4 day holiday here, and our 34th Independence Day, we had a container arrive from the US.  It is always quite a job to unload it from the truck to our ground without a crane.  It involves our tractor pulling with chains and piece of old pipe to keep it rolling and a pit the truck backs up into to be level with the ground!  It is too scary for me to watch most of the time! Saturday the Natomos team of Linda, Mercy, Elsa and Brandon helped to teach the kids during our church conference.  They did lessons, crafts, soccer and drama with them.  They all had a great time. Sunday morning we had Easter sunrise service that started at 6 a.m. and went until 9 a.m.  Then we came home to cook Easter dinner and 13 people came to eat.  The Easter bunny even found us out in the bush and delivered some chocolate eggs. We left after lunch for Harare with our team who was leaving the next day for the US.  We enjoyed an Itali

Happy Easter and Independence Day!

We had a visit on March 29th from Jeff Dunbar from Santa Rosa.  Unfortunately his bags did not arrive with him and he was to explain the new medical record system we are doing with Rotary in Sebastopol.  When he got back to Harare to leave 3 days later the 2 Ipads he brought had been stolen with the information on it.  We enjoyed having him for just a short time in the hospital and showing him life in a Zimbabwean hospital--as we say it is just like an American hospital, but different!  He helps to run the Internet Continuing Education program we are involved with through Palm Drive Hospital in Sebastopol, CA, every Wednesday. Dr. Nura Isala our new doctor we hired, arrived on Friday the 12th to begin work with us.  Already he had done 2 C/Sections and been on call all this week.  It is great to have him.  Nura was with us for 7 months  5 years ago.  We are happy to have 2 doctors again as it has been very busy. Well this past week we welcomed a team of 4 from Adventure Natomas ch

Sad news

We were very shocked on Thursday the 27th of March when we went to Harare and Dr. Kellert thought she was going to get her work permit renewed and she was given 72 hours to leave the country.  The director of immigration would not tell her why and so she booked a ticket and left for South Africa on the 29th of March and then on to the US on the 4th of April--her birthday! We all feel very sorry for her and pray that God will allow this decision to be overturned.  So many people were shocked and it was all hard for us to decide what to do as were all in a state of shock.  Pray for her and also for her decision to decide whether she will appeal this decision.  She is taking time in the US to decide what to do next. New visitors arrived when Jo and Dr. Derik Taninguchi arrived with their friend Pat Jacobs on Friday the 21st of March.  Pat and Jo are nurses and we put them to work.  Derik saw some GI patients for us and taking lots of video and pictures.  Jo and Derik were with us 2 y