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What a fundraiser!

On September 7th Chidamoyo Christian Hospital had their big fundraiser hosted by Larry and Cheri Gail in Seattle, Washington.  This was the 2nd time for this event.  Last time they raised more than $60,000 to buy our new Jeep. This year they set the goal as $75,000.  As of last week more than $105,000 had been raised and more  was still coming in--WOW! We hope to complete several projects at the hospital including solar power for all the hospital, painting and repairs and repairs for a vehicle that has been down for 5 months.  Our heads are still spinning from the generosity of so many people!  Did Major put magic in the sadza he cooked?  We are so excited and thank all of our wonderful supporters. Major will be back in 1 week!  I have been waiting 10 weeks to say that!  He is exhausted and about 40 pounds heavier!  Thank you to all who helped him with transport, hosted him in your house and fed him all those extra pounds!  We so appreciate it.  Can't wait to see the pictures

Chidamoyo High Tech and Church Conference

We have been involved through the Rotary Club in Sebastopol, CA and through the Tele Med Center at Palm Drive Hospital in Sebastopol, CA in a Tele Med program.  Every Wednesday at 5 p.m. we tune in via Ipad to a Continuing Education Conference put on by Dr. Gude in Sebastopol.  There are interesting case studies and we can learn a lot from these. On Wednesday, August 21st we were able to present a clinical case here and discuss with experts there about the case and what we should do.  Dr. Kajese, Dr. Kabanzi and I sat around an Ipad and talked back and forth for 1 hour with the group in Sebastopol,CA and we could see each other.  How excited we are to be part of this project and it will benefit us in our practice to be able to talk about difficult cases.  Who could ever imagine that we could sit in the bush in Zimbabwe and talk to other doctors in CA about our patients? Last week we received 2 new machines in our theater from a generous donation through our UK Trust.  We received a

Chidamoyo Hospital Fundraiser

Hi All, Just a reminder that if you haven't yet purchased tickets to our auction on September 7th , please do so soon as it will help us gauge the number of attendees (and prices go up on September 1st ). You can purchase tickets through the link below or by contacting me at this email address.  We look forward to seeing you all there! Best, Larry & Cheri http://www.brownpapertickets. com/event/410044 Date: Sun, Jul 28, 2013 at 11:24 AM Subject: CHIDAMOYO AUCTION - TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE! To: Dear Friends, We are very excited to formally invite each of you to the 2nd Benefit for Hope to support Chidamoyo Christian Hospital in rural Zimbabwe. The Benefit will take place at the Wallingford Boys & Girls Club on September 7, 2013 .  Further, details on the event can be found in the attached invitation.  For those who are less familiar with Chidamoyo, I have also attached a brief overview on the hospital and its amazing work. Tickets to t