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Visitors and Container arrives!

Life has been so busy at Chidamoyo. On May 26th we had 5 visitors from my home church in CA arrive to help us for 5 weeks. Steve and Roseanne Prandini, Nellie Whitlock and Bob and Rose Coibion (now transplanted to Roseville, CA). There has been an outbreak of measles and we have seen 15 cases—mostly unvaccinated adults and there have been 300 deaths in the country due to measles. So the team arrived right in the midst of NIDS—National Immunization Days for measles. This one started on May 24 and ran through June 2. We were sent to immunize every child under 15 with measles and catch up defaulter under 5 years of age in all their immunizations. Lori and her team covered 26 schools and immunized 18,200 children over those 10 days. Nellie, a San Francisco State nursing student and Roseanne joined to help. They must have felt like we were punishing them. They were gone by 7:30 a.m. each day and rarely got back until 8 p.m. or later! Bob and Steve even went for a couple of days to do crowd