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Surprise, Surprise!

Sorry there has been no communication for some time.   I was planning a surprise and couldn’t talk about it on the blog or the person we were to surprise wouldn’t be surprised! In March I worked flat out to get the annual reports done, saw a lot of patients and tried to get work all caught up as I went to the US for 2 weeks on March 28 th !   Major Mereki and I travelled to New Jersey to make a surprise visit to see my older brother, Don, who had been in the hospital since December and got out only a week before we arrived.   Dennis, my brother from California and his wife Kathy Rose travelled to meet us there.   They arrived Wednesday to surprise him and we arrived Friday evening.   When we walked in he was napping on the couch and we woke him and he was dazed!   We really surprised him!   He wondered who else was going to surprise him! The next day we all left for Annapolis to see my niece, Ellie, who is a Plebe in the US Naval Academy.   She also was so shocked to see us al