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Shopping, shopping and more shopping...

It has been 2 weeks since Major left and I have been busy everyday.  My sister, Sylvia, who I am staying with, told me I need to go back because I am wearing here out on her off days!  We are going to every store and checking out all the sales.  We have also been enjoying lunch and dinner with friends and family. Major arrived back well and running!  He has been calling and texting me and he has been so busy sorting out problems and issues that arose when we were gone!  The good news is that the rebuild of the burnt hospital is mostly done.  We now are looking to buy the appliances and get cabinets and tile floors in and hopefully get the final money to finish it all from the government. We traveled to San Jose this past weekend to visit Sylvia's son, Mapi, who graduated from law school in May and is now working for KPMG in Santa Clara.  The McCarty clan traveled down to celebrate his birthday and his new apartment.  We had a great time! Monday night this week we celebrated

Running in high gear, Major leaves and some relaxing time!

We arrived home in Santa Rosa at 11:30 p.m. on Monday the 26th.  We had a wonderful time visiting friends from Southern CA to New Mexico to Colorado and Indiana.  What a great time and boy we were on the move constantly! We were up early on the 27th as Larry Gail and his son Ethan had driven down from Seattle with equipment and supplies to put in the container.  They brought 150 soccer balls and a lot of medical equipment donated by Province Hospital in Seattle and Uniforms donated by ASB school in Seattle.  They also sent toothpaste, toothbrushes and pencils for our primary school kids after we talked to them about the need.  We helped Larry and Ethan unload the truck and poor Sue and Gene tried to find room in their very crowded garage.  The container is full and ready to send when we have the money to send it. Larry and Ethan flew back to Seattle on Wednesday and we enjoyed lunch with our Chidamoyo board members and dinner with Victoria--a Chidamoyo alumni who collects supplie