Shopping, shopping and more shopping...

It has been 2 weeks since Major left and I have been busy everyday.  My sister, Sylvia, who I am staying with, told me I need to go back because I am wearing here out on her off days!  We are going to every store and checking out all the sales.  We have also been enjoying lunch and dinner with friends and family.

Major arrived back well and running!  He has been calling and texting me and he has been so busy sorting out problems and issues that arose when we were gone!  The good news is that the rebuild of the burnt hospital is mostly done.  We now are looking to buy the appliances and get cabinets and tile floors in and hopefully get the final money to finish it all from the government.

We traveled to San Jose this past weekend to visit Sylvia's son, Mapi, who graduated from law school in May and is now working for KPMG in Santa Clara.  The McCarty clan traveled down to celebrate his birthday and his new apartment.  We had a great time!

Monday night this week we celebrated my brother, Dennis's 65th Birthday.  He was celebrating being on Medicare now!  We had a wonderful steak dinner out and went back to their house for cake.  

Looking forward to my oldest brother Don arriving tomorrow and his oldest daughter, Hannah from New Jersey.  We will be having our family Thanksgiving on Saturday--can't wait for turkey--we don't get that in Zimbabwe!

I leave on the 30th of November and have already been packing suitcases!  It is amazing what I have amassed in the last 4 months!  Major called this  week to tell me that I need to hurry back as there is so much work--I told him I am too busy shopping, so not sure I can make it back-ha!!

 New kitchen

 Pass through window from kitchen into dining room

 New dining room

New dining room from outside

 Mapi and his mom Sylvia

 McCarty clan in Mapi's new apartment

Marc and Kathy Rose lighting the candles for Dennis's birthday

Dennis blowing out his candles


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