I stopped chemo in mid-February and the oncologist tried a period of Immunotherapy by itself to see if it would work.  In March I started to produce a lot of abdominal fluid (ascities) and had to go to the hospital every 2 weeks and then every week to be tapped to remove the fluid.  They got off up to 8.8 liters a time which gave me a few days relief before it would come back.  It made it hard to breathe without laying on my sides and I couldn't really eat without pain. So, I was in bed a lot of the time.

They decided I needed to start Chemo again with the Immunotherapy.  My Oncologist said it was not time to give up yet!  He said the chemo helped before to shrink the tumor a bit so they felt if I could shrink it again I wouldn't have to go for tapping.  I was all for that.

He did remind me there is no cure only remission and that I have months not years to live but he felt there were other drugs to try if these don't work.  I am usually not in pain so I am so thankful for that.

Major from Chidamoyo is planning to come here and through prayers and interventions he was granted a visa today from the American Embassy in Zimbabwe.  He plans to arrive on Thursday next week.

Part of his time here will be in the official turn over of the work of the hospital to him and arranging how we can help to make it as smooth as possible for our financial supporters of our work.  Thank you to all who have been very supportive during these challenging times.

My brother and niece from NJ arrived Monday for a 5 day visit.  It has been great telling old stories and being together with the family.  Also good friends and Chidamoyo alumni Cindy and Abbey Carson came by and brought breakfast one day this week.

Many have written with encouragement and support and wanting to come visit.  It is truly great to be loved by so many friends all over the world!

Me with my fluid

Easter Dinner with the family and brother from NJ on phone

Niece Hannah with brother Don in front and brother Dennis in back

Abbey Carson from Seattle

Abbey and Cindy with me

Chemo time--7 hours!

Family dinner


  1. Tomorrow is Mother's Day, and since my mother has been gone for many years, and I have no children myself, I try to remember other women who have had an influence on my life. So this year, you're on my list, Kathy. From our fun days as new young nurses at UCSF, to our most recent visit on the 40th Anniversary of our graduation in 2017 (coinciding with the terrible Santa Rosa wildfires), it has been my honor and pleasure to be your friend. I have always been in awe of your work in Africa, and wish that my life's path had taken me there to see, share and work alongside of you for awhile. Thank you, Kathy, for all these years of inspiration and friendship, and I hope you have a nice (non) Mother's Day as you have nurtured so many through the years.
    Jean Howard Brobst

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