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Easter blessings,A new doctor, Church gatherings and Harvest at Batanai!

It has been a busy Easter week and we hope you had a great Easter holiday! On Tuesday, we were joined by our new doctor.   We recently were granted a third position by the government and were so happy since our workload has been so much each month.   We hired Dr. Tafadzwa Mazuruse.   He is 26 years old, single and from Nyika area originally and has been in Harare for several years during medical school.   He just finished his internship (2 years after medical school) at Parirenyatwa Hospital in Harare.   He got to work a couple of days before we started holiday schedule at the hospital on Friday. Easter is a time for many church meetings and we had a meeting here at Chidamoyo with 8 other churches in our area invited.   Over 250 registered and many more came starting on Friday night and going through church on Sunday morning.   They had lessons and sermons and many of the churches sang special music.   Lots of singing and dancing!   Thursday before we went for holidays we ce

Rainy season slowing down

We have only had a few days of rain in March and our last rain was last week--so it seems like the rainy season is slowing down and may be over soon.  People are harvesting their crops and already tobacco is being taken in and sold. Since the rains have slowed down we decided to take the top off the JEEP coming home from church a couple of Sundays ago and we enjoyed playing our church music load and singing along and waving to the people on the way home. Megan has been here busy working on her project for the last 2 weeks.  She is a lot of fun and company and keeps busy running all her samples.  She went back for a few days on Tuesday to Harare to run some samples at a lab there and will be back Sunday evening. On the 24th of March, Dr. Isala, Dr. Munodawafa, Major and I travelled in to hold interviews for a third doctor position we were granted by the government.  Dr. Bungu from Mashoko joined us to help with the interviews.  We have offered a job to Dr. Tafadzwa Mazuruse who