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A new visitor and the Kitchen is Done

We got the kitchen all done now.  The 2 new countertops were put in last week, new better lighting over the sink and the drawer fixed that was broken--yeah it all looks so nice.  Thanks again to the Coibion's for this great work.  I actually look forward to coming home to my new kitchen each day!  Easter will be the first big meal I will cook in the kitchen--and I can't wait! On March 7th a new visitor, Samantha D'Andrea from Seattle, Washington arrived.  She is a research assistant in the G.I. department of Harbor View Hospital.  She is also a phlebotomist.  When she came through immigration they had to come out and find Major for the address of Chidamoyo and the immigration officer asked her if she was a nurse, she said no.  So he asked her what she did and she said she was a phlebotomist.  So he said "Oh, a footballer" and Major just laughed and said YES! She wants to get into Physician Assistant school and so wanted some global experience.  She is keepin

The new kitchen is done (almost)

After 2 months of rebuilding, tearing apart and putting back together my kitchen is remodeled!  Wow--is it nice!  Amazingly I filled up all the new cupboards and realized how much kitchen stuff I have!  Now I can easily get to it and I am ready to cook for all my visitors.  Its all new floor in the kitchen and dining room, all repainted and new lighting and cupboards-wow!  The best part is my gas and electric stoves are right next to each other now (they used to be in different rooms!) so if the electricity is off (frequently) I can easily switch to the gas stove. We remodeled part of the pantry and have more room there too.  It is amazing and a BIG change from before! They shorted us formica tops and so 2 areas still need the countertops which will were bought when Bob and Rose went to town on their way to airport.  He was marking and cutting tops in the parking lot of the airport! It has been great having Rose and Bob Coibion with us a again and this time their grandchildren (2