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Rain, beautiful rain!

Well things have quieted down a bit in the country.   Still no buses moving in our area and a few Kombis.   This has kept our patient load down a lot, bringing in only the most serious patients.   Many are coming in Scotch Carts or paying someone with a private car to bring them. This last week we have had lots of rain in our area which has been great.   Some of the maize might be saved in our area.   We have enjoyed rain every day since last weekend and cloudy skies which helps keep the land wetter.   Keep praying for rain!   The southern part of the country will have drought this year.   With the bad economic times in the country this means many will be without food. This week I had 3 young college graduates join me here.   Claire, is from Illinois and has been accepted into a Physician’s Assistant program in Boston that starts this fall.   She was here in Jan-Feb 2018 and decided to come and join us again before she starts school.  She is here for 5 weeks. Elliot and Ser