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Happy Independence Day #31!

Maize harvest from my field Working on flats Some of participants in our workshop in front of Inyangombe Falls Gladys in her fur hat to keep warm! Loading Peanuts--still a mound of peanuts in background! Happy Independence Day Zimbabwe! This week started with Independence Day on Monday (April 18)—Number 31 for Zimbabwe. Even though it was a holiday we were still at work at the hospital. I made rounds, saw problems and some outpatient emergencies, did the discharges and then got to go home. So I was home by 2 p.m. No electricity from 8 a.m. for the whole day until 8:30 p.m. so not much we could do—but take it easy! Major and I spent last week at a conference for mission hospitals on building up our infrastructure. We were 1 of 10 hospitals chosen to participate. It was held at a casino hotel in Juliasdale. We had to keep pulling the nuns away from the slot machines! The hotel is only 6 kms from my friend Gladys’s house and at dinner we were given money so we bought groceries and ha

Happy April

Cellphone tower Pulling out trees to start the Pediatric ward extension--old ward on left Inside flat The new 4 roomed flat unit with roof on Mbangani family with Kathy Students studying on desks for the first time in 9 years! Unloading the desks The lorry was full We were excited this past week to be able to go to Harare and get 40 pupil desks and 2 teachers desks and deliver to Mukowe school. This school has been supported by ZRDSP a UK based group that helps to develop rural schools. Mukowe is 2 hours from here on a very rough road with many streams to cross! This program built a 2 classroom block and provided exercise books, pens, chalk and now benches. We bought the benches in September last year but had no way to get them out here, But now our lorry is working and we were able to go and pick them up ourselves! These kids have been sitting on the ground for the 9 years the school has been operating! They were so excited to finally have desks! The teachers were also excited