Happy Independence Day #31!

Maize harvest from my field

Working on flats

Some of participants in our workshop in front of Inyangombe Falls

Gladys in her fur hat to keep warm!

Loading Peanuts--still a mound of peanuts in background!

Happy Independence Day Zimbabwe!

This week started with Independence Day on Monday (April 18)—Number 31 for Zimbabwe. Even though it was a holiday we were still at work at the hospital. I made rounds, saw problems and some outpatient emergencies, did the discharges and then got to go home. So I was home by 2 p.m. No electricity from 8 a.m. for the whole day until 8:30 p.m. so not much we could do—but take it easy!
Major and I spent last week at a conference for mission hospitals on building up our infrastructure. We were 1 of 10 hospitals chosen to participate. It was held at a casino hotel in Juliasdale. We had to keep pulling the nuns away from the slot machines! The hotel is only 6 kms from my friend Gladys’s house and at dinner we were given money so we bought groceries and had dinner with her each night! We enjoyed sitting by her big stone fireplace each night and eating dinner. She is very active and busy and doing well for her 74 years!
Juliasdale is in the eastern part of Zimbabwe and up in the mountains (about 9000 ft and higher) so we were very cold the whole 5 days! We woke up to weather in high 40’s and never got above 60’s even in the sun all day! This is getting us ready for winter here soon! We returned home Friday night—after a 9 hour drive from there to here!
We think we have a buyer for the peanuts (yippee!!!). We finally found a source who wants our peanuts unshelled and the team is busy putting them all in bags! They are on their second week and still stacking the bags. You can tell from the pictures how much we have!! We are beginning to see the floor of our chapel again. We are all holding our breath and praying the deal doesn’t fall through! More and more peanuts come each day to pay for hospital bills.
My acre of maize was harvested by the youth group on Monday and it is now on the floor of our library drying until they can start taking it off the cob. We have already started buying maize for use at the hospital this year—so my grainery in my yard is filling it!
We are working on finishing up the flats and the plumbers have been busy fitting toilets, showers, sinks, etc. The men are busy plastering the rooms. How nice it will be to have 4 flats ready soon.
My wish to all of you is to have a wonderful Easter holiday—it is a 4 day holiday here from Friday-Monday as holidays—so we hope to get a break from work. We have an Easter meeting for 4 churches here starting Friday night through Sunday morning! Our other churches are also meeting together for 3 day meetings—so we have to try and visit all. Should be a lot of fun with singing, dancing, preaching, lessons and no one sleeping (except me—I will sleep!)! Celebrate—He is Risen!


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