More guests and more fun!

The weekend May 17-20 we had another group of Zimbabwe Christian College students out with us for their practical training in AIDS work and hospital chaplaincy.  We had 12 men and women who joined us for the weekend to learn and do some practicals with our patients at our hospital.  We are happy to have them and to meet our future ministers here in Zimbabwe.
May 20th was Major's 49th birthday.  We celebrated with a dinner and for some reason he got a lot of coke for his birthday!  Not hard to figure out what to buy him for a gift!
On May 24th a team of 8 people arrived from Countryside Christian Church.  The team was lead by Phil Smith, their Missions minister.  Phil and his family had served for many years as missionaries in South Africa and had been here to Chidamoyo in 2007.  We enjoyed having Beth, Jen, Mike, Theresa, Sandy, Tanisha and Phil and his son Josh with us.
Their plane got delayed in the US because of mechanical difficulties but they arrived late on the 24th , but only 2 out of their 14 bags arrived with them!  They finally left Harare at 11:30 p.m. And drove straight through to Chidamoyo arriving at 4 a.m.!  They had 4 hours of sleep and then up to start a full day of  running a Ministers and Wives Retreat and a Youth Rally!  It was a busy day it they all kept awake!  They did go to bed right after dinner!
Sunday morning we went to a church 3 hours over a very bad road to Marere where we meet with people from Mukowe church, Davare church, Batanai church and Chivende churches for their Big Sunday.  Phil preached and we all enjoyed the church service.  We rushed home in time to get back to  have Sunday night church at the hospital.  Mike preached and they enjoyed seeing the pregnant women singing and dancing!
Monday they started helping us with some needed paper work at the hospital, cleaning a big storeroom out and organizing as much as they could, also putting some video material together, weighing babies and weighing mom's to be at Immunization and Antenatal clinics.
We went off to Rhino Camp for 2 nights and a day in Harare before they left on June 4th.  It was great to have them all here and we appreciate that their church has been faithful in supporting our work for 32 years!
On May 26th, Dr. James Palleschi arrived.  Dr. Palleschi is an urologist in my home town of Santa Rosa, California.  He spent last year with us doing surgeries and training our doctors and came back for 2 more weeks this year.  So many patients came to be seen and he as kept very busy in he operating room the whole time.  We had to drag him away for 2 days at Rhino Camp to see some game.  Our first ride out we saw 4 female lions and 7 cubs!  We are so thankful for his wonderful help and we are already planning his trip for next year! He returned home on the 7th of June.
The storeroom we are building with funds from our UK Trust is almost to roof level and we are so thankful to them for their kind help.

 Major's birthday
 College student doing church service
 Beth teaching youth rally
 Theresa teaching minister's wives
Youth playing a game at youth rally
 Mrs. Mereki, Jen, Tanisha and Josh at church
 Jen, Tanisha and Beth hard at work
Dr. Palleschi operating

Sandy helping with weighing babies
 Kansas team and Major
Team Kansas at Rhino Camp
Dr. Palleschi, Mrs. Kajese, Dr. Kajese and me at Rhino Camp

Major catching bream at Rhino Camp

 Storeroom being built at hospital
Dr. Palleschi and me


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