Let it rain and rain and rain

This is one our youth leaders who serves Communion every week in this shirt!

Sadza after church at Mukowe--we saw the chicken before he saw the pot!

The Headmaster receiving supplies from Major

Simra, Lindsay and Shavonne on the scotch cart!

Major check out how deep that river is! You can see part of the bridge is gone! We made it!

We have had rain and rain all night long and into the afternoon today! That may not seem like alot to you--but usually we have 1-2 hours a day--so for us to get so much rain at once is very unusual. We got 105 mls so far (4 inches). We really needed it because it hadn't rain much in February. In fact we had only had 58.5 mls up until yesterday for the whole month. Crops are looking good and this big rains has really helped us to keeps those crops going.

We were able to travel to one of our far away churches 2 weeks ago in an area called Mukowe. We took our 3 visitors Simra, Lindsay and Shavonne and took off on a 2 1/2 hour very bad road. At one part Major Mereki had to get out and roll up his suitpants to test how deep the water was in one river! Always an adventure when we go out.

We stopped a scotch cart (ox cart) on the way so that our visitors could have their "African bush picture." When we arrived we were greeted with singing and dancing. After church we were able to present the headmaster and school committee with exercise books, pens, and chalk for the students and teachers that had been provided by ZRSDP a group from the UK who are improving rural schools in Zimbabwe. We met for church in the classroom block they had just recently completed. We were also excited to tell them of further help to provide teachers with housing. Thank you to this great group that is helping us to improve schools in our area.

We are excited to report that so many of you, our wonderful supporters and friends went above and beyond to provide us a 40 foot container of medical supplies through MTI. Larry Gail (friendsofchidamoyo@gmail.com) headed this fundraiser and we are happy to report we have reached our goal and are in the process of co-ordinating our priorities for the medical supplies to be sent. Thank you, thank you! We will keep you informed on it's progress towards getting to us! You are the best!!!


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