Another busy week

Last Saturday afternoon I drove to Batanai to deliver some fertilizer for my field.  I arrived just in time for a heavy rain storm.  Then we heard the MP (Minister of Parliament) for our area was having a meeting with the local community at Batanai, so we went to see him.  We were able to give him an update on the rebuilding of the kitchen/laundry at the hospital, and ask for more money to continue the project.   Then I drove home and got home to Day 4 with no electricity at Chidamoyo! My solar was out because it had been cloudy and rainy all day.  I watched a video on my computer and went to bed early! The rainy season and electricity seem not to be able to go together here--so everytime it rains we hold our breath because the electricity usually goes out and we never know for how many days!  We finally got electricity back on Monday--Day 6.  We all shouted for joy!  Makes life so good when it comes back!

My kitchen remodel continues on.  They got the new laundry room mostly finished and the plumber came to move sinks, pipes and water heater.  So since Friday morning I have no water in the house, no shower and bringing buckets of water in to flush the toilet!  Hopefully on Monday I hope to get my water back.  I have been enjoying a warm shower outside at my guest rondoval every day, so not suffering too much!

Friday morning started at 0400 with a wake up call for a C/Section.  I went to do anesthesia.  Came home in time to shower, eat breakfast and go back to start the day!  Got home at 6 p.m. and got ready for 12 people coming for dinner after our prayer time.  Our surgery team from Harare arrived and brought another visitor with them.  Major's family joined us too.  They got here after 9 and we had dinner and then off to bed as they started surgeries at 0530 as they had a big list--15 surgeries!

They worked continually only breaking for 15 minutes tea time and finished at 5:00 p.m.  I fed them dinner and sent them on their way by 6 p.m. to go back to Harare. It is always a long, busy and exhausting day, but many patients have their lives changed by the surgeries they are able to get done.  We are so thankful to Dr. and Mrs. Kajese and Mr. Kundiona that come to do this.

Minister of Parliament Honarable Mr. Gandawa

Kitchen Remodel progressing

The extension to present kitchen


Mr. Kundiona teaching Dr. Isala with Sr. Kajese helping and Dr. Kajese doing anesthesia 


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