Rainy January

This week the construction company came back to begin work on the fire damaged buildings again.  It has been 4 months that we have been waiting for money and for supplies.  We are happy to see them working again.  They have put up the trusses and blunderings for the roof.  They have been doing the beam filling in preparation for the roof.  We continue to pray that the money will keep coming and that we will be able to have a new kitchen and laundry this year.

The rains continue and it is so great to be seeing green and crops growing so well this year.  We are so thankful for our new mower bought by the UK Trust last year that we can keep the grass low and free of hiding snakes around the mission.  We continue to pray that people will have a good harvest this year.

On Monday I went to Harare to sign the final papers on the townhouse Sylvia and I bought in Harare.  We are so excited.  It was a long struggle for 5 months to get all the paperwork done, but we are so thankful it all worked out well.  The developer of the new townhouse is now busy finishing off our place so we hope to move in within 2 weeks!  Stay tuned for more pictures when the big moving day comes!

Last night I was very privileged to deliver the new baby boy of Bennie Munemo-Nyamaharo.  Bennie's mom, Mrs. Munemo works as a Nurse Aide in our Outpatient Department and is known as "Mother" to many.  Bennie worked for me in my house 13 years ago when she finished high school and went on to become an AIDS counsellor at our hospital and then went on to Nursing School to become a Primary Care Nurse.  She worked here for 2 years as a Nurse and then moved closer to Harare to work where here husband Last is a nurse and a minister.  They have named their son Tadeanshe (Loved of God) and we wish them well!

New townhouse in Harare

Grandmother Munemo and her new grandson

 Trusses and Blunderings for roof being put on

 See how green everything is from the rain!

The grass is cut low to keep the snakes from hiding in tall grass!


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