It's hot in the bush--19-September-2009

Well it got to 105 today! We were in the pool after lunch to cool off! the water temp was only 80 and so it felt cold to me!
this week has been very busy. I have added 104 new patients on ART this month and it is not over yet! We could add a 1000 more a month if we had the staff and time! People say AIDS is improving and there are less new cases, but we haven't seen that!
Lori arrived last night and she is happy to be back and I put her to work today! The doctors are away today for their continuation education day so it was the nurses in charge day!
Last night Dr. Murenje called me to deliver a footling breech. I was able get both feet down and then the hands and finally the head--the baby and mom did well. My heart always races until that head is out! It weighed almost 8 pounds. It was her second baby!
Do you know we have become a bubble gum nation? Here they do not use coins so when you need change when buying groceries they give you bubble gum! I pass mine on to my kids I treat. If they owe you more then 20 cents you get a pen (which usually skips when you write). If it is a good day and they owe you 50 cents or more you get a chocolate bar!
This has not been a good week for electricity. No dinnertime electricity and last night it went off at 4 p.m. and didn't come on until 1 a.m. now it is off again at 5 p.m.


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