We had a great Christmas!

We had a great Christmas and hope you did too. I am sharing some of the highlights through pictures I am posting.

We started the week by finding out that we made the NY times front page on Sunday the 19th of December. Wow--this was a surprise to be on the front page. Then we were reprinted in other newspapers and on the front page of my hometown newspaper on Monday the 20th. So if you haven't read it or seen the video (you must be in cave) here are the websites:

Thank you for all the kind words and some donations that have rolled in. We are in desperate need for a new generator and we think we might have the money soon! This week we spent 6 days without electricity as we had big storms last weekend which burnt up a power pole. ZESA had no pole to replace it with and so it took several days to find one. What a nice surprise to have it come back at 8 p.m. on Christmas Eve night--just as we finished our candlelight service! It was on until 6 p.m. and now am in the dark writing this before heading off to bed! And it continued through today (the 26th). Another fault? How many days this time?

We had caroling on Wed night and Friday we had our staff party where we killed a pig and 20 chickens to feed our staff. Over 70 people came and we had fun playing a game, eating and handing out a goodie bag of rice, sugar, flour, oil and soap and Mazoe (drink) to each of our staff members. they really look forward to this each year! We played a game where we asked questions and then they were given a gift. Some of the highlights of the game were "Who was Jesus' father?" answer was "Mary!" Then "how many wisemen were there? Answer: 12!" We laughed a lot!

We had Christmas present opening with Mereki family and Dr. Zimudzi, Lori and Chris and I on Christmas eve after the candlelight service. Chrstmas morning we had church and then at 3 p.m. we had dinner for 10 of us--ham and all the trimmings. We enjoying swimming before and after dinner as it was in high 90's today. Christmas night we are enjoying a big thunder and lightening storm with some rain--enjoyable to see in the dark!

today (26th) we had church at 7 a.m. since today is a holiday. the highlight of church was my visitor Chris being baptized in my pool at the end! Then Lori, Chris and the Mereki family joined me for a brunch and games and then a big storm hit with lightening near by! We got 2 inches in about 30 minutes! the wind knocked alot of branches down in my yard.

Will share some pictures of our events and hope all of you have a great Christmas too. Thanks to all of you for helping and supporting our work here.


  1. Well it is not only in Zimbabwe but everywhere. We have witness less rain previous 2 years in our region as well


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