New Doctor Arrives

Dr. and Mrs. Kajese

Last week on Tuesday Major and Tapson Jr. left with 2 trucks at 3 a.m. to travel to Bulawayo (9 hours away) to move our new doctor to his new home with us. His name is Dr. Shield Kajese (ka jessie) and he has just finished his housemanship. They packed him up and got him moved here safely arriving at 3:30 a.m. on Wednesday, very exhausted.

The next morning when I was in the maternity ward talking to Dr. Zimudzi he showed up. I had only met him once during his interview and I didn't expect him up to the hospital so early and so when he walked in I thought he was our local policeman that we had sent for. When he followed us to the office I wondered what was going on and thought this policeman was a bit pushy to just follow us around and then finally figured out it was Dr. Kajese when Dr. Z said he was surprised to see him up so early--oh he is the new doctor!

Then we sent him on a tour of the hospital with Main Munemo (mother) and everyone thought it was her son until she introduced him! the best thing is that he couldn't find his brush when he woke up and so he went to Lori's house to "borrow" a brush so he could come to the hospital and her maid gave him the dog brush! When he thanked Lori for using the bursh, she thought "I don't have a brush" and then figured out what brush he was given! What a welcome we gave him!

His wife is a nurse and doing a theater nurse course in Harare until December, but we were able to bring her out Sat for a short visit so she could see what he got her into!

We are happy to have Dr. Kajese and we are thankful for his work. He is getting oriented and it is very busy this week, so he is being thrown into the fire! Welcome to Chidamoyo!


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