A new doctor is joining us!

Dr. Kellert on far right with Sylvia, Major and friend in Seattle in July

Well summer has finally come and with a vengeance. It has been not less than 118 for the past 4 days! Last night it was 92 when I went to bed at 10 p.m. and no electricity, so no fan until finally at 11:30 p.m. the electricity came on and was off by 5:15 a.m. We all feel very lethargic and can’t wait to jump in the pool after work. With no electricity during the day this week it makes it hard to work in our offices without air from a fan. I run and do as much paperwork outside my office on the veranda in between patients to get some air—even if it is hot—it feels cool! Somehow we have to figure out how to work outside, but most patients might object to be examined in the open!
We have some exciting news to share! I was contacted in June by Dr. Cheryl Kellert from Washington State. She is an OB/GYN that I worked with in 1989-1991 in Santa Rosa, CA. For years I have been trying to get an OB/GYN to come on a working vacation to teach our doctors how to do more surgery. She contacted me out of the blue and said she wanted to come to Chidamoyo and work fulltime with us. She was selling her practice, her home and belongings and wanted to come—sight unseen to work with us! We started to work on the paperwork needed to get her licensed. She met with Major and Lori when they were in the US in July. She sold her home in 12 days and by August quit her practice and travelled around getting ready to move here. She has spent the last 6 weeks in Connecticut with her mom and yesterday we received word her license to practice has been issued! She booked her ticket and will arrive this next Tuesday—November 1st! We have all felt from the beginning that God was working hard to put all the pieces into place for her to be here and now we are all so excited!
To now have 3 doctors and one an OB/GYN specialist is something we would have never imagined! We know that the hospital will benefit so much from her services and we all will be very busy. This will be an exciting time for our doctors who will have someone to mentor them and teach them a lot. Thank you to all who prayed with us. Keep praying us she packs up and travels here for her safety and travel mercies! Pray for her adjustment (especially to the heat) and her work with us.
We received word this week that Rotary International from Sebastopol, CA has again helped us so much. They have received a grant to buy a new truck for us to be used as an ambulance! They are also helping to provide new beds and furnishing for the new Pediatric ward. We are to roof level!
We are working on the new X-ray room and plan to turn the old one into Dr. Kellert’s office/exam room. God worked it all out for us to have an extra room just when we needed it! The new X-ray room is being wired and is almost done with the building—so they can start painting it next week and then we can contact the company to come and install the new X-ray machine and developer!


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