New truck arrives!

Today I was able to take a nice hot shower and with electricity! To me this was heaven! After 4 days this week of struggling with water we went to buy 2 new pumps for our boreholes—yes a constant issue! All this week I have been taking water from a barrel outside by bucket to flush the toilet and take a bucket bath! Since there usually hasn’t been electricity in the morning I manage to splash cold water on in a hurry, wash my hair and get out! Winter is here and it has been down to 48 this week—living in a fridge! We are all complaining it is too cold and looking forward to the October heat! I got my electric under blanket out and but it on the bed and set it so whenever the electricity comes on at night my bed warms up—yeah!

The one thing about winter here is the deep blue skies with no clouds! It is so beautiful. Fires in the fireplace are also nice!

This week I was sick in bed for 2 days, but managed to work a few hours in between fevers. I go to see my Zim doctor in Harare this next Friday so we can decide where we go from here. They still can’t figure out the cause of the fevers.

On Thursday and Friday we had an eye team from Harare that came to do cataracts. They sorted through over 1000 patients and did 88 patients. They remove the lens and put a new one in and the next day take the bandage off! You should have heard the people who were so excited to see again—some for over 15 years they could not see! It was so exciting and dramatic to share in their happiness! I wish we could heal all our patients so easily! Now 88 people who could not see before can see. So many of these old people were depending on children and grandchildren to help them and now they are able to care for themselves. How grateful we were! We hope they will keep visiting us quarterly to help the people in our area.

Of course extra patients coming for the eye team also meant extra patients for us. Since they were at the hospital might as well get my Blood pressure checked or get some aspirin for a headache! Our outpatient was packed for the whole 2 days.

This week we were able to finish the roof on our new nurses’ station/trauma room. They have begun the plastering of the big room, which we want to start using this room ASAP as our recovery room since we are doing more surgeries.

We also had a new nurse join us this past, Dr. Kajese’s wife, No, who is a qualified theater nurse. She has already started to organize our theater better and it is such a relief to have a scrub nurse always on hand! We had a C/Section at 0600 on Thursday morning and she was able to assist and scrub. In the past it was always a challenge to get someone off hours! We welcome here and Dr. Kajese is also happy to have her working here!

Major left Friday for Harare to pick up a new vehicle for the hospital. Rotary International through Sebastopol club and the great support of Steve and Roseanne Prandini raised the money for a new single cab Isuzu Diesel Long-bed Truck. We are having the canopy made and should be able to get it on in a week. Major will drive the new truck home today. We are so thankful for this support! God is so good! Can’t wait to see it here!

Eye team doing cateracts

New Recovery room--roof on starting to plaster walls

Major with new truck

Mrs. Kajese, our new theater nurse

Major and Kathy


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