Happy Boxing Day--December 26th

Well it’s the 26th and holiday here.  Had to go to work this morning until 1 p.m. and now trying to catch up with work at home before dinner.  A whole afternoon off yeah!

On the 23rd (Sunday evening) the youth put on a drama of the Christmas story and also we sang and read scripture too.  It was a nice service.

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve without staff Christmas party which started at lunch at 1 p.m.  We had over 75 people attend out of 92 staff so we were happy for the good turnout.  It rained on and off lightly during the party but our canopies helped to keep us dry.  We ate a big meal of beef, chicken, rice, coleslaw and gravy and chocolate cake for dessert.  I got up at 5 a.m. to make 4 cakes and the icing!

We had some dancing and games and then gave out the bags of groceries for all the staff to enjoy a good Christmas.  Each staff member got 2 kg flour, 1 kg rice, 1 bottle cooking oil, 1 bottle Mazoe drink, 1 long bar of laundry soap and socks, cap and 2 T-shirts and 2 cups.  They were so happy!

Christmas Eve night the Mereki family came over to open gifts and have dessert with Cheryl and me.  We had a great time and everyone was happy with what they got!

Christmas I was up early to start cooking for brunch.  We had church at 9 a.m. and then all were invited to have tea and bread at the hospital.  We didn’t have as many people as usual as it started to rain just as the service started at the hospital.  We used our canopy to keep the preacher dry.

Then at 12 I had Mereki family, Cheryl and Dr. Kabanzi and family.  He had a young sister and a nephew visiting—so there were 11 of us to eat.  We had a big downpour that started at 11 a.m. and even though the electricity went on and off a couple of times—it came back on at 1 p.m. just when we finally sat down to eat.  The rain let up and we were able to take all the food to my outdoor dining room and eat!  Then spent the rest of the day napping, watching movies and doing dishes!

This morning the electricity was still on so got 3 loads of laundry out before I went to work!  Yeah!  This afternoon it is sunny one minute and the next thunder and lightning!  A storm is on the way.  We got 50 ml yesterday which was quite a storm.  We are happy that crops are growing well now!

I hope all of you had a great Christmas and enjoyed some time with your family and had some time to relax!  Looking forward to a great New Year!
Mary and Joseph in the drama on Sunday night

Youth Group sings on Sunday night

Playing games at staff Christmas party
Major plays Father Christmas
Staff at party
Staff receiving groceries for Christmas
 Opening gifts with the Mereki family on Christmas Eve
 Carolyn, Patience, Juliet on Christmas Eve
 Me opening gufts
 Major leading singing in the rain on Christmas morning
Christmas morning church service--in the rain!

 Mereki family Christmas morning
Having tea and bread after Christmas church
Christmas Brunch at my house


  1. All are awesome pics i like all specially the Playing games at staff Christmas party:)
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