Rain is coming!

This past week we had 2 days of  rain--17 mls and 5 mls-- so we hope this is the start of our rainy season.  Of course as soon as the wind picked up, our electricity which had been out for 10 days and came back for 5 days--died again!  It has been 4 days without and we figure they will get it fixed in time for the next storm to knock it out!  Such is life here!

We have really had a hot October.  Most days are up to 110+ and only down to low 80's at night, so without a fan when we have no electricity it is hard to sleep well.  I spent one night on the cement floor because it was cooler.

Last week we had visitors arrive on Thursday from Bulawayo to hold a meeting for 20 local teachers.  They were from Family Impact, a Christian group that teaches teachers how to promote the family and good self image in their teaching.  They did many games and exercises with the teachers to teach them new ways to use in their classrooms.  It was very fun and exciting and all went away thankful for this 2 day workshop.  We had the trainers with us for 3 nights and they left early Sunday morning to return to Bulawayo.

Our visitors from home: Wendy, Sharon, Jill and Shenina left Monday morning for Harare with Major.  They had a day to shop and then flew off on Tuesday morning to see animals in Hwange and to see Victoria Falls.   Cheryl and I will pick them up at the airport on Monday night when they return and have a day with them before they leave for the US.  We did give them a bad time that the electricity was off most of the time they were here so maybe they brought us the bad luck.

We have been fighting water problems with pumps and pipes in our boreholes breaking.  Major bought a new pump and parts and they are busy putting it all in today. This time of the year before the rains really start it is always a hard time for water as the water table is low and we use more water for drinking and to keep cool in this hot weather!


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