Major makes it to Half a Century!

Major turned the big 5-0 on 20th of May.  We started the day with French toast breakfast and coffee--his favorite!  He dressed in his tuxedo and we made him wear our traditional Birthday hat and sunglasses for work all day!  In the evening we had dinner--his favorite meatloaf and a cake with a lot of light!
On Friday our last group of third year Bible College students came for their hospital visit training.  We saw 29 students total in 3 weekends in a row in May.  They enjoyed their time here and we used them to preach at our local churches on Sunday.

We are always so happy when Friends of Chidamoyo do things to make our life so much nicer.  JoAnne Minnis (my adopted mother) keeps Chidamoyo near and dear to her heart.  Recently she spent many hours making aprons for our nurses, nurse aides and cooks!  She put them in the last container and we recently unpacked the box and gave them out to the staff.  She made 30 aprons! The staff are so thankful for her wonderful work she did for them.

This past Friday we also hosted Dr. Dale Erickson, our first doctor at Chidamoyo in 1968 when the hospital first opened.  He was back in the country with his wife Sue Alice to help teach at the University of Zimbabwe Medical School for the past month.  He brought with him 2 visiting doctors to Parirenyetwa Hospital in Harare from Stanford University in California, Dr. O’Brien and Dr. Vora.  We had a good weekend discussing cases and they all made rounds with one of our doctors here on Saturday morning.

Early on Monday morning, Major, Patience, Michael and Dr. Isala and I left for 2 nights and 3 days in Kariba.   To celebrate Major’s birthday we took him on a fishing holiday.  We rented a beautiful house on a hill in Kariba and Major was out on a boat all day everyday.  The fish weren’t biting much but he came home with a few big fish.  I stayed at the house and hung around the pool reading.  We enjoyed elephants right outside our fence that came every afternoon to munch and 3 zebras came by one morning.  The day we left on Wednesday was Michael and Patience's birthday so we had a birthday breakfast before they went out fishing one more time.  What fun!

We came home in time for Major and Dr. Kabanzi to go off to the annual board meeting of all missions hospitals in Zimbabwe, for the past 2 days.  That left Dr. Isala and I to keep the hospital running and we kept very busy with 2 C/Sections in 2 days and lots of patients!  Life goes on!

Major in his tuxedo!

Son Michael and Major celebrating
Wow, those are bright candles!

Nurses, Nurse Aides and Cooks with their new aprons!  Thank you JoAnne!
 Dr. Isala, Dr. O'Brien and Dr. Vora
Dr. Vora doing a Neuro exam with Dr. O'Brien

One of the College groups with their teacher

Drs. O'Brien, Erickson and Vora with me.

 Eating at our house in Kariba

Birthday breakfast
 Birthday presents

 Elephants in our backyard

 Dr. Isala and the zebra
Sunrise over Lake Kariba


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