We got visitors and we got rain!

On late Sunday evening last week our first two visitors from Lake Union Crew in Seattle, WA arrived.  Rome and Ann are the leaders of the group and they came a couple of days earlier than their group to get things in order.

They have been busy unpacking the container they sent and getting ready for the building of the new Waiting Mothers Shelter.

Their group arrived on Wednesday--9 of them.  We also welcomed back Major who had been in Seattle to do a wedding for Kevin and Rachel Tananguchi.  The wedding went well and we so appreciate that instead of gifts they requested people give money to Chidamoyo Christian Hospital!  That was so nice.  We were so shocked that this young couple just starting out would do that for us!

Since the group from Seattle arrived they brought their rain with us and it has rained everyday for the past 4 days they have been here.  Yeah!  Our rains are 2 months late and people were panicking about food supplies for next year. 

People are busy today plowing and planting.  Major went to Batanai to plant some maize and I hope to have the youth group planting my fields with Sorgum on Tuesday.  We have had over 5 inches in the last 4 days--so we are all happy!

On Monday at 0400 our electricity got knocked out when Karoi got a storm that knocked down some power poles.  We finally got power back last night and it was back to load shedding by 4 this afternoon!  I did get 3 loads of wash done--now if I can only have sun to dry them-ha!

This group from Seattle has 4 of the group staying for the whole 6 weeks of the project.  Most of this first group is staying 2 weeks and 1 leaves Wed and 3 more arrive--so 15 next week!  They have 56 different people coming over the next 6 weeks!  They are working so hard!  They have their own cook, but I have been baking a cake and cookies to send over to keep them going.

A group of ladies from around the mission have been meeting at my house to quilt after they were taught by Sue Hahn a couple of years ago.  Today they met to show off completed quilts they made and some new projects.  They sew and talk for about 4 hours and have a great time of fellowship!

Merry Christmas to all!

Major with the Bride and groom and his parents Jo and Derik

Zane helping the building group

Zane taking vital signs at the hospital

 Ceremonially putting in the first shovel of cement in the Waiting Mothers Shelter

Lake Union Crew hard at work with our volunteers

 Putting in the metal frame of the building

You can see the flooding from the rain that came during the night!

 People are busy plowing!

 Mai Mereki and her quilt behind her

 Monica and her quilt

Some of the quilts the ladies are working on


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