New visitor

On Monday we received a new visitor  for the next month from Gig Harbor, Washington.  He is Michael Miller.  He is a surgical tech at a hospital in Tacoma that one of our alumni's works, Lindsay Tozier Storby.  She suggested he come here and now he is here.  He is going to University of Washington, working on his pre-requisites to go to Medical School.  We have put him to work with the other visitors.  This morning we were unpacking boxes from our last container and he was able to sort the O.R. equipment for us.

While he was sorting instruments, Abbey was taking things I unpacked to the different departments.  She has been enjoying watching surgeries, going to vaccination clinics and helping me with some of my research paperwork.  I have really appreciated her being here.

Caleb and Amanda left at 0400 to go to Harare yesterday with our driver to get their visa renewed for another 30 days.  They spent the day running around and doing errands with the driver.  They got some shopping done and finally got back at 12:45 a.m. today!  We didn't see them for breakfast today!

We have a container on the way to Chidamoyo and there is another one that just arrived and need to be cleared.  We are so thankful and look forward to all the great thing in there.  We will busy this naext week starting to unpack!

Sylvia has been in Gweru visiting here family this week and so we have been texting and talking on the phone each day.  She leaves for home tomorrow and is excited to leave the cold and go back to warm weather!  It has been great having her close for 3 weeks!

Michael sorting surgical instruments

Abbey helping to sort out boxes and equipment to put away

Sylvia working at ART clinic


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