Visitors leave, visitors come, Container arrives, Men's retreat

Dr. Palleschi and team finished up their last week with lots of work to see patients and help with our circumcision program and more surgery.  They also helped with Well Baby clinics and we had a great time with them.

We left for Harare early on Friday morning the 23rd and that afternoon met with US embassy staff which included the embassy doctor, head of CDC and USAID and the American Ambassador, Harry Thomas.  It was an interesting meeting and we were able to talk about our work and how it does intertwine with work of CDC and USAID.  

That day was also one of the groups birthday--Carlo Palleschi, and so we spent lunch and dinner celebrating his birthday in Zimbabwe.  We were happy that Dr. and Mrs. Kajese joined us for dinner.  Dr. Kajese was our doctor here when Dr. Palleschi first came to help us 5 years ago.

Saturday the 24th we said good bye to the Palleschi team as they flew off home to busy schedules in Santa Rosa.  I took off for Chidamoyo to welcome our next group which arrived Sunday evening.

Dr. Katzenstein from Stanford and his group of 5 arrived to talk about our research project they are doing with us.  They brought Rebecca from Stanford who is in charge of their overseas research programs.  We were able to decide more on how we are continuing our study of adolescents.  We are in the process over the next 3 months of drawing viral loads on 650 adolescents we have in our ART program.  They spent until Tuesday morning with us and we enjoyed having them out.

They also left Alfred, a Lab Scientist working on his Master's thesis and is helping to put our adolescent records on tablets and next week more students are coming to put our records on tablets and the Cloud for us.  Eventually we will be able to go out to our outreach clinics with tablets and not the heavy record books for each patients we have to bring now!

Tuesday night our container arrived here and by Wednesday afternoon we opened and started to unload some of the wonderful things in it.  I spent time this week in between patients going through boxes and sorting where things go.  We were so happy to get needed dressing supplies, IV cannulas, tape, foleys, lab tubes, syringes and so many needed things to help us at the hospital.  Major was happy to get a shredder he needed for his office at the hospital.  

We are so thankful to Sue and Gene Beckstead in Sebastopol, CA who pack all of our containers and use their garage constantly to collect those supplies, as well as run around each week to pick up supplies from hospitals and doctor's offices.   We are also thankful for all the people who save and transport things for us.  Dr. Palleschi has many people who save things and many hospitals in Sonoma County have saved so much for us.  Thank you to all of you who help as it makes such a difference in treating our patients.  Without you we couldn't afford to buy those supplies here. Thank you all so much!

Thursday night we started a men's conference for our Province here at the church.  Close to 100 men have registered so far.  They said it is going well with good lessons and preaching and singing and dancing.  They came to the hospital yesterday to sing and pray for the patients.

Gloria helping to recover a post-op patient in our "ICU"

Gloria helping with circumcisions

Dr. Smith and Dr. Munodawafa helping Dr. Huang taking a biopsy

 Dr. Huang doing an in-service for the dstaff

Dr. Palleschi with Dr. Huang and Carlo at work

Dr. Huang at the Primary School with lots of friends

Celebrating Carlo's birthday

Jeff, Dr. Palleschi and Dr. Huang with Ambassador Thomas

Our group with Embassy group and Ambassador Thomas

Dr. Palleschi, Jeff and Dr. Smith in Harare

Palleschi group leaving in Harare

Major opening container

Dr. Munodawafa watching the unloading of supplies

Major happy with his shredder

Men from Men's Conference singing and dancing at the hospital


  1. Hie Cathy , my dad is very ill and was admitted at chidamoyo hospital yesterday and wanted to send my message to him as i am very far.


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