Historical Week in Zimbabwe

After an Army take over on November 15 which was called a "non-coup" we had a roller coaster week as the country decided what would happen next.

On Friday the 17th the ruling political party (ZANU-PF) met and dismissed President Mugabe as their President and called for his resignation by Monday the 20th or they would start impeachment hearing against him. 

Saturday the 21st the crowds in the streets of Harare and throughout the country filled with people celebrating the decision.  Many were calling it their new Independence Day.  They went up to the Army and hugged them for taking over.  All colors of people in the country turned out.

Sunday night we sat around the TV as Mugabe called for a press conference and then didn't resign.

Tuesday the 21st the Parliament meet and started Impeachment steps when all of a sudden a letter arrived which was read announcing Mugabe's resignation.  The MPs stood and cheered and danced--something never before witnessed in Zimbabwe.  People again took to the streets to celebrate and all over Zimbabwe people drove cars in the streets blowing their horns and yelling!  We were now a country without a President.

Thursday night the 23rd Emmerson Mnangagwa returned to Zimbabwe from exile in South Africa and on Friday the 24th he was sworn in as the new President of the country and ZANU-PF until the next elections sometime in mid-year 2018.

What a week this has been in Zimbabwe.  Certainly historic and above all peaceful and calm with no bloodshed.  How thankful we are that our prayers and yours were answered for prayers and safety for all Zimbabweans.

Work continues the same at the hospital.  We have been pleasantly busy but it is a slower time of the year as people are busy plowing in their fields and getting ready to plants when the rains set in.

I have been helping to see Out-patients and one of our doctors was at medical meeting fro Mon-Wed and one is on leave so that leaves only 1 to do in-patients and out-patients so I help out with out-patients when he is busy in theater.  Yesterday I did anesthesia for a skin graft for a young man that had his leg bit by a crocodile in the Sanyati River.  Emily helped me in theater and continues to help me with many paperwork projects we have to do around the hospital.

Thank you to all of you who prayed for the situation in Zimbabwe and sent well wishes to us through social media and emails.  We only knew what was happening by watching it on TV as things continued as normal in the bush.

This was Thanksgiving week in the States and we are having our dinner tomorrow night (Sunday) with 14 people coming.  Thursday wasn't a holiday here so no time to cook when I had to work all day.  Now I can have after work Saturday and Sunday to get ready.  You have to do all from scratch here--no store to help you out!  It's very dark like a big rain storm coming so I do hope we don't lose our electricity!

We have so much to be Thankful here and we are thankful to all of you! Thank you for your faithful support for the hospital through difficult times and for your support of us.

Emily is off to Batanai with Major and family for the weekend to work in the fields and help plow and plant for the weekend!  She wants the "African experience!"

 UZ Students helping with skin graft on Crocodile bites 

 Emily helping me exam outpatients

 Emily helping me in Theater

The News from the TV this week



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