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This week has been an exciting week and anxious as elections for Ministers of Parliament and President of Zimbabwe began the week on Monday, it was a holiday in Zimbabwe, so people could get to the polls.  I was able to work half a day as we had ART patients coming and had to draw Viral Loads.  We anxiously awaited all week for the results and on late Thursday night it was announced that the current President, ED Mnangagwa, was elected.  There were some riots and problems in Harare on Wednesday with 7 killed, but all stayed quiet here.

On Sunday night a group of 6 University of Washington, Global Health students and their teacher and drivers arrived to spend the week with us as a clinical part of their month in Zimbabwe.  We had 5 women and 1 man, and we keep them busy doing vital signs, following the doctor on rounds and in surgery, working in our Antenatal Clinic.  They were also anxious to see deliveries which they got to do.  They went out to a Vaccination clinic and ART clinic at Chiroti—about an hour away.  They seemed to enjoy their time and left for Harare after breakfast today.  Tomorrow (Sunday) the next group comes for the week to be with us.

We started work this week on remodeling our X-ray room for the new Digital X-ray machine that has been donated by the Japanese embassy.  The machine is in South Africa ready to be delivered to us, but the tax department wants $12,000 duty and so we have appealed to the Ministry of Health to remove that fee or pay it for us.  We ask you to join us in prayer that it can be released to come soon.

We were so happy to receive in our last container new sheets for the hospital donated by Dr. Darik and Mrs. Jo Taninguchi from Seattle, Washington.  This was our first new sheets in over 15 years and we are so happy for this generous gift of 200 twin sheet sets!  It makes our patients so happy!  Thank you!

Today, Saturday, was our AIDS support group for younger children from 12 years and less  in age.  Our youngest child is 4 years old.  We saw about 50 kids and had to draw blood on many of them for our research project. 

I rushed home to spend the afternoon washing sheets and towels to get ready for the next UW group coming tomorrow.

Thank you for all your support and prayers for peace during the elections.  Thank you also to many people who responded to our appeal to help with Carolyn Mereki’s room and board for her first year of college.  We think we almost have the first year paid in full!  She is busy packing!  Thank you to all who donated!

Posters of new President

 UW Students at work at the hospital

UW students working with me at ART Outreach clinic at Chiroti

Working on the remodel for the X-ray room

 New sheets on the bed

The UW group leaving on Saturday 

Support Group for our kids at the hospital


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