Zim dollar days again, truck accident, sick again!

It has been a busy 2 weeks at the hospital with lots of patients coming from all over the country to be seen.

On October 1st the Zimbabwe government announced new rules for the economy.  Suddenly all bank accounts that were in US dollars were wiped out and put in Bond (local currency).  Also, to make more money for the government you are taxed 2 cents for every dollar used on your debit card or transfer to pay a company.  This has led to an economic meltdown where suddenly $1 US went up to $5 bond.

Immediately basic groceries disappeared or increased by 500%.  There are no basic items like bread, cooking oil, sugar and fuel.  It has been hard to transfer our ambulance patients because we can’t get fuel when we go to town.

Oil went from $3.50 for 2 liters to $15 overnight at our township!  The most terrible thing is that Pharmacies closed throughout the country.  Our hospital could not buy drugs and suddenly we had no IV fluids, Anti-hypertension meds, pain medications of any kind so we had to cancel the surgeons who were to come this weekend from Harare, because we had no drugs and IVs.  Our people can’t understand why we had to cancel.  Still our drug wholesalers are closed for almost 2 weeks.  They are saying they need foreign currency to buy drugs and so they want to charge in US dollars only.  We keep waiting to see what will happen and the government is not backing down.  Please pray for us and for supplies for the hospital.

This week I got a water fountain that I had bought in Harare, 2 weeks ago, up and running.  I bought this with the money I was given for my 35 years long service award in September.  Our electrician put it together and its right outside my dining room to enjoy as we have meals.  I am really enjoying it.

On last Saturday (6th of October) our driver was coming home from Harare with our 2 doctor’s wives and hit a cow.  Major damage was done to the hood of the car and the left side of the car.  Everyone was alright and not hurt.  We are so thankful for that.  We have turned it in to the insurance and we hope we can get it fixed quickly as we need the truck.

This week I got another UTI so haven’t been feeling so well as it is taking all my energy.  I’ve been going to work but have to come home and sleep at lunch and after work.  Waiting for the sensitivity report and then will start on treatment.  I am resistant to most drugs so have to wait the 3 days for the culture.

Thanks for your prayers.  Not sure where we are going as we all have nightmares from 2006-2009 and the inflation of the Zim dollar days.  We know God is the one to keep us going and couldn’t do it without your prayers and help!

 Water fountain in my yard

 Car damage from Cow


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